Our Story

Evan Cretini

Evan was born in Woodland Hills, California. After the 94’ Northridge earthquake his family decided to relocate from Los Angeles to Austin TX. There he fell in love with hunting, fishing and the outdoors. In high school he played football and baseball and became enamored with the party lifestyle accompaniying each.

Prescription drugs soon became a way to recover from the previous Friday’s football game as well as alleviate the angst he felt through his adulecent years. After graduating Evan hopped from Sam Houston State to Texas Tech and many pills and parties in between, before finally landing at LSU. Although he had tried to leave the unhealthy lifestyle behind in Texas, he soon realized it had followed him to Baton Rouge, where the universe decided he would cross paths with Sheena Mannina.

It was inside the container of this loving relationship he created with Sheena where she introduced him to healing through changes in diet, mindset and exercise. As they both began eating an organic & plant based diet focused on alkalinity and mineralization the snow ball began to pick up momentum and other changes in Evan’s life soon followed. Yoga, meditation, and spiritual growth began to develop as focal points and distance began to be created between the unhealthy lifestyle he’d been living and the potential for something new to emerge.

In 2013, Evan and Sheena decided to open Raw Republic, New Orleans’ first organic and cold pressed juice bar. Through their shared passion of healing through food, they created the menu that the city has come to love. With little to no experience running a business, the road has been a long and bumpy one, one Evan has come to appreciate as the trials of those first few years shaped much of who he is today.

Over the past 6 years, Evan has continued to grow through and along side Raw Republic. Through the use of psychedelic plant medicines, diet and devotion to spiritual growth, he has continued to elevate into his life’s potential and now lives a life free of prescription drugs. Through the changes made in his diet alone Evan has said goodbye to the inhalers he was on for his asthma and no longer suffers from attacks. He is devoted to growing Raw Republic and making healing, organic options more easily accessible. He is also passionate about sharing his story, From Pills to Plants, and how returning to nature saved his life.

Evan & Sheena currently split time between New Orleans and Austin where they live and love with their 2 pitbull children, Curtis and Perla.

Sheena Mannina

I began noticing symptoms of imbalance and dis-ease in my body at a very young age. Irregular and debilitatingly heavy periods along with severe acne, rosacea and digestive pain were my norm by age 11. My parents did what most other parents would do by bringing me to Western medicine for a ‘fix’ — though, it was never able to do so for me, or my dad, who perished in 2009 following 18 months of chemotherapy and radiation.

My motivation to reclaim my health through alternative, non traditional and food/nutrient-based measures was solidified by these early experiences. I became a holistic health coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a Vippassana meditator, a Living Foods certified practitioner by the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico and continue studying nutrition, alternative healing, conscious-based thinking and holistic wellness to this day. I document my journey and hope you’ll follow along via Raw Talk with Sheena podcast as I uncover the latest in my experience with nonconventional wisdom, health and healing on my podcast Raw Talk with Sheena.

My experience, curiosity and motivation to bring new truths to the forefront inform the way I contribute to the menu, design and intention of Raw Republic.

The Raw Republic Story

Through health challenges, Raw Republic owners Sheena Mannina and Evan Cretini recognized the dire importance of diet and wholistic nutrition to their well being.

Following a summer managing a juice bar in East Hampton NY, Sheena moved back to New Orleans with the vision of making all-organic, cold pressed juices, smoothies and foods accessible to her hometown community. Together, Evan and Sheena began creating whole food green smoothies and health tonics and selling at farmers markets and to friends and family. The demand for their nutrient-dense, modern health drinks was evident, affirming their decision to open a brick and mortar and in the fall of 2013. Raw Republic was born!

Today, Sheena and Evan are committed to consistently evolving a menu that remains dedicated to whole-food, organic, and mostly raw vegan ingredients. The Raw Republic in-store experience offers 30+ grab and go cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies and tonics, as well as made-to-order functional lattes and organic snacks. As well, Raw Republic is the New Orleans go-to source for well-designed juice and smoothie cleanse options.

In addition to juice, the vision of Raw Republic involves providing holistic health information and resources. In 2015, Raw Republic’s flagship expanded to its upstairs space where still today Raw Republic customers can enjoy a place to sit and sip, connect with one of 6 staffed wellness practitioners, shop conscious retail and wellness products or attend an educational event.

Raw Talk with Sheena is our owner’s podcast that features free information on health, consciousness, entrepreneurship, and spiritual and personal development.