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EVERYDAY ENDURANCE | energy, focus & metabolism support for daily vitality Containing some of the world’s greatest plant-based sources of energy, performance enhancement & metabolism support. Why: Cut down on caffeine consumption. Support natural energy (without the crash!). Encourage better focus, memory and brain health (we call those herbs nootropics!). Keep moving—without the jitters. When: Perfect for first thing in the morning, pre-workout, or afternoon slumps—these sophisticated bites are herbal fuel for any day. Key Ingredients: GINSENG. Panax Ginseng. Its name translates to “cure all.” It’s one of the oldest adaptogenic herbs in the world and has been used globally for centuries to support the life force - overall vitality, energy, qi, prana, desire to live and to live fully! CORDYCEPS: A nourishing adaptogen, immune system ally, and phenomenal fungi for performance enhancement, recovery, circulation, kidney function, and overall wellbeing — especially in the overworked. RHODIOLA. Rhodiola rosea. An adaptogen and calm energizer, Rhodiola has been studied in performance athletes, astronauts and divers for its physical and mental performance enhancement. Bonus: It boasts mood-boosting and neurotransmitter balancing benefits. GUARANA. Paullinia Cupanais. Amazonian thermogenic energizer prized for long-lasting stable energy, clear-mind feel, and appetite suppression. Guarana is known for stimulation without a crash, as well as improving energy, mood, memory, physical exercise and cognitive performance. KOLA. Cola Acuminate. Lightly caffeinated nut from trees of the cocoa family that contain theobromine - the euphoric and mildly stimulating compound in green tea and cacao. Theobromine relaxes smooth muscles including blood vessels which then improves oxygen uptake and delivery - increasing blood flow for energy, mental function and circulation overall. ✶ Herbalist-designed | supernatural ingredients HRBLS are now vegan! No gums, no waxes, no weird stabilizers. Entirely Supernatural. ✶ One box contains 15 HRBLS