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Spicy Mayan Elixir from 3rd Eye Cacoa


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A spicy spin on a Mexican hot chocolate that helps ignite your inner “Agni,” also known as your digestive fire. This blend is made with our special Belize Mayan Cacao. The combination of ginger and cayenne pepper increases the production of digestive fluid, sends enzymes to the stomach to aid in digestion, and provides extra protection to the stomach against infections. Traditionally Mayans would drink cacao with hot chilis to heighten the medicinal effect. 100% Organic Ingredients: Mayan cacao paste, cayenne, sea salt, ginger, cinnamon & vanilla Creation: Add 2-3 Tbsp to 6-8 of hot water, add sweetener if desired, mix, sip & ceremony! What makes our elixir powders so special? We break down our ceremonial-grade cacao paste into a cold crumbled powder. No extra processing, leaving the most medicinal benefits intact within the cacao powder. It is important to us that the cacao we serve does not go through any further processing that may strip it of its high-fat content, minerals, and antioxidants. Our goal is to continue to offer this all-natural, dairy-free creamy powder blend that's versatile for your daily supplemental needs.